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Gosford Private Hospital: Work completed on $32m revamp

Gosford Private Hospital’s $32m revamp has been completed, with patients already reaping the benefits. New parents Kurt and Cassie Cheadle, whose baby Indiana was the first born in the new maternity wards back in April, described the new facility as “luxurious”, while the first patient to experience robotic-assisted surgery was thrilled he was able to

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Barwon reveals the Logan Central Community Mental Health and Addiction Centre

Barwon Investment Partners (Barwon) is proud to showcase the recently completed Logan Central Community Mental Health and Addiction Centre. This newly completed mental health facility is within a close proximity to the 485-bed Logan Hospital which is the major health centre servicing the Logan region in the state of Queensland. This new facility comprises 1,054

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Barwon reveals the Somerset Specialist Centre

Barwon Investment Partners (Barwon) is proud to showcase the recently completed day hospital, the Somerset Specialist Centre. Barwon partnered with healthcare developer DPA Health to deliver this hospital with key tenants including Cura Day Hospitals Group, GenesisCare, Monash IVF Group, Qscan Group and Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology.   Watch our walk through here   Tom Patrick Head of Healthcare Property,

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Barwon expands with launch of Specialist Disability Accommodation Fund

Property fund manager Barwon Investment Partners has launched a housing fund focused on specialist disability accommodation, with an initial aim of raising $30 million to invest in the emerging sector. The Barwon Disability Accommodation Fund will acquire income-producing properties and enter into structured build-to-own developments. The fund has a short-term pipeline of about $40 million

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Somerset Specialist Centre features in The Quarter & Education Precinct, Penrith

Situated in Australia’s most significant future economic corridor, The Quarter is a leading centre for Health and Education, committed to excellence in health care, medical research and world-class education in Western Sydney. Spanning 400 hectares between Penrith and St Marys, The Quarter is synonymous with innovative thinking, collaboration and economic growth. The Somerset Specialist Centre,

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Zenith awards “Recommended” investment rating for the Barwon Healthcare Property Fund

Barwon Investment Partners (Barwon) is pleased to announce that the Barwon Healthcare Property Fund (Fund) has received a “Recommended” rating from Zenith Investment Partners. The Fund provides investors with exposure to investments in Australian healthcare property assets which carry traditional commercial leases and strong tenant covenants. The Fund secures investments with good design and functional

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Barwon Healthcare Property leads the way towards a cleaner future

Barwon Investment Partners (Barwon) is pleased to announce that phase one of the Somerset Specialist Centre in Penrith, NSW, has been completed. This development is part of Barwon’s Institutional Healthcare Property Fund (BIHPF) which was launched in 2016 and comprises 16 healthcare properties valued at over $750 million with capacity from undrawn funds to grow

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Barwon fund bulks up with medical multibuy

NICK LENEGHAN AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW DECEMBER 3 2020 Barwon Investment Partners added an eight-asset swag of medical properties around the country to one of its funds in a series of deals worth a combined $60.6 million. Three of the assets have settled, and five will settle or become unconditional before the end of 2020, taking

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Why Healthcare Property Investing Is on the Rise in Australia

With their inherent diversification benefits, healthcare property investments have consistently provided strong returns, even during challenging economic times Over the past decade the healthcare property sector in Australia has gained significant attention from investors. This stems from a combination of strong market fundamentals underpinned by space demand linked to macro-demographic factors. With attractive property income

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Join Tom Patrick at the Healthcare Property vSummit

The Urban Developer Healthcare Property vSummit is an online conference dedicated to health-related real estate solutions in Australia. In recent months, there has been a renewed focus from operators, owners, developers and investors in healthcare assets and development. In response to immediate and long-term challenges presented by the pandemic, a wave of innovation has emerged.

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