Barwon Global Listed PE Fund AF (Access Fund) – Overview

Launched in May 2020 the Barwon Global Listed Private Equity Fund AF provides access to the highly successfully strategy run by the Barwon investment team since 2007.

This strategy provides wholesale investors with a high performing portfolio of private equity investments in a fee efficient manner whilst offering daily liquidity.

The fund invests in publicly-traded investment companies that invest in the equity and debt of private companies including buyouts, growth capital, and venture capital. The fund also invests in private equity-backed listed companies.

The fund typically invests in a portfolio of 20 to 25 securities at any one time, seeking the best opportunities from the investment universe while providing diversification across geographies, deal stages and vintages.

Fund Facts

Fund Type Open-ended
Inception date 4 June 2020 (BGLPEF inception date 1 June 2007)
Investors Access via platforms or IDPS products. Direct applicants who qualify as wholesale investors as defined under Section 761G of the Corporations Act
Recommended investment timeframe Minimum 5 years
Borrowing The Fund will not borrow
Currency Foreign currency exposure hedged back to Australian dollars
Average no of stocks Typically 20-25; on a look-through basis, underlying company exposures will be 100+
Minimum investment & withdrawal amounts* $25,000 initial investment, $10,000 additional investment, $10,000 withdrawal
Unit valuation Daily
Applications & Withdrawals Daily
Distributions Annual
Management Fee 0.87% incl GST, net of RITC
Performance Fee 15.38% of return above an IRR hurdle of 12% on a rolling two- and half-year basis, incl GST, net of RITC
Buy / sell spread 0.30% / 0.30%
Establishment fee None
Withdrawal fee None
Benchmark The Fund is not managed on a ‘benchmark aware’ basis and there is no tracking error constraint
Responsible Entity The Trust Company (RE Services)
Custodian & Administrator Mainstream Fund Services
APIR Code PIM 7967AU
ISIN Code AU60PIM79676
ARSN Code 640 473 785

* these amounts may be varied if investment is made via a platform.