About Us

Barwon Investment Partners Pty Ltd (Barwon) is a fund manager with a 15-year track record of generating strong investment returns for institutional and wholesale clients.

Today Barwon manages over A$2.9 billion on behalf of its clients.

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Barwon was founded in 2006. The name was chosen after the Barwon River, an important river and estuary system flowing through the Victorian city of Geelong, where the founding partners grew up.

Barwon has six partners, Rob Morrison, Sam Armstrong, Peter Conners, Tom Patrick, Kate Hayward, and Jonathon Pullin, each with extensive experience in investment management and financial services.  Together the Barwon team of over 40 staff has built a team of highly experienced investment managers and a platform to invest globally.

Our Investments

Our Clients

Our clients include institutional and wholesale investors located in Australia and internationally.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our Investment philosophy centres on our belief that alternative investment markets are less efficient than traditional asset classes.  Being less efficient, these markets can provide investment opportunities that generate superior risk-adjusted returns.

Our investment style places a strong emphasis on research and analysis, active management and fundamental value.  We apply this expertise to add value through selective identification of attractive investment opportunities, independent of index or benchmark approaches.

Importantly, our style is also focused on implementation, as we recognise that great ideas and great strategy mean little without effective decision making, transaction execution and portfolio management expertise.

Our Culture