Certifying Your Documents >
Assist in process of document certification as well as a complete list of persons who may certify documents.
Change of Details Form >
Update your contact details, income distribution arrangement, bank account details or account name.
Product Disclosure Statement >
Summary of significant information
Additional Disclosure Booklet >
To be read in conjunction with Product Disclosure Statement
Initial Application Form >
Make an initial investment in BGLPEF AF
Additional Application Form >
Make an additional investment in BGLPEF AF
Withdrawal Form >
Request a withdrawal from BGLPEF AF

You are required to submit the relevant identification form along with your Initial Application Form. Forms A-I are based on your investor type. Should you have any queries please call us on 02 9216 9600.

A – Individuals & Sole Traders >
B – Australian Companies >
C – Foreign Companies >
D – Australian Regulated Trusts >
E – Unregulated AU Trusts & Foreign Trusts >
F – Partnerships >
G – Associations >
H – Registered Co-Operatives >
I – Government Bodies >