Certifying Your Documents >
Assist in process of document certification as well as a complete list of persons who may certify documents.
Change of Details Form >
Update your contact details, income distribution arrangement, bank account details or account name.
Product Disclosure Statement
Summary of significant information
Additional Disclosure Booklet
To be read in conjunction with Product Disclosure Statement
Target Market Determination
Summary of the target market for the Fund
Initial Application Form
Make an initial investment in BGLPEF AF
Additional Application Form
Make an additional investment in BGLPEF AF
Withdrawal Form
Request a withdrawal from BGLPEF AF

You are required to submit the relevant identification form along with your Initial Application Form. Forms A-I are based on your investor type. Should you have any queries please call us on 02 9216 9600.

A – Individuals & Sole Traders >
B – Australian Companies >
C – Foreign Companies >
D – Australian Regulated Trusts >
E – Unregulated AU Trusts & Foreign Trusts >
F – Partnerships >
G – Associations >
H – Registered Co-Operatives >
I – Government Bodies >

Following recent amendments to the Corporations Act ; where you have provided us with your email address, we will now send notices of meetings, other meeting-related documents and annual financial reports (each a “Communication”) to you electronically unless you elect to receive these in physical form and notify us of this election.

You have the right to elect whether to receive some or all of these Communications in electronic or physical form and the right to elect not to receive annual financial reports at all. You also have the right to elect to receive a single specified Communication on an ad hoc basis, in an electronic or physical form.