Fund Overview

The Barwon Disability Accommodation Fund, launched in August 2021, is an open-ended fund for wholesale investors seeking returns from properties in the Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) sector in Australia.

The Fund provides investors with an opportunity to earn attractive risk-adjusted returns via a portfolio of development and income-producing residential properties in the SDA sector such as standalone group share houses, small townhouse complexes, and selected apartments within an apartment complex with a focus on Australian metropolitan and major regional centres.

The SDA sector comprises the provision of specialist housing to persons with complex support needs. In 2016, legislation was introduced under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to provide government funding and encourage private investment into the SDA sector.

Key features of Barwon Disability Accommodation Fund

  • Industry Demand Drivers
    • Gap between the demand and supply of specialist disability housing has created significant opportunities for private sector involvement
    • Advances in care procedures and technology driving demand for new and specialised purpose-built homes integrated into the community
    • Investment with positive socially conscious outcomes
    • Funding to the sector is underwritten by bi-partisan Commonwealth Government support
  • Attractive Yield
    • Properties typically offer long leases with CPI+ reviews: inflation-hedged income streams
    • Targeting annual distributions of 5 – 7% paid quarterly (following establishment period)
  • Favourable Risk Profile
    • Leases typically 5+ years with fixed rental growth
    • SDA participants loyal to support facilities/personnel they know
    • The NDIS estimates that more than $5 billion in capital will need to be invested into SDA over the next five years
    • Rent payable by the NDIA
  • Returns
    • The SDA sector provides Investors with the opportunity to secure attractive recurring income yields, with stable growth prospects and defensive characteristics that could protect returns in difficult economic conditions
    • Low correlation with other property sectors
    • The rent payable by the NDIA for the individual tenant is determined by the SDA legislation and has been set to be attractive to private capital providers

Fund Facts

Fund Type Unlisted, unregistered, open-ended unit trust
Inception August 2021
Investors Wholesale clients as defined under Section 761G of the Corporations Act
Investments Development and income-producing properties in the Specialist Disability Accommodation sector
Borrowing The Fund will borrow to fund acquisitions and capital expenditure.  Target LVR of between 35% to 45%
Unit Pricing Monthly
Redemptions Redemption window offered every 5 years.  Investors can redeem some or all of their units.  Fund must satisfy all redemption requests within a 2 year window or terminate
Distributions Quarterly although distributions may vary given the Fund is likely to invest into developments that do not initially produce income
Fund Opening The Fund opens periodically for investors when new property investments are secured.  If you care to register your interest for investment, please contact us

Further Information

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