Responsible Investing


Barwon Investment Partners believes that incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in investment decisions supports responsible investment practices and leads to better long-term outcomes for our clients.

ESG considerations are an integral component of investment management at Barwon and we believe it supports a more sustainable approach to the management of investment capital. Moreover, consideration of ESG factors can enhance the risk/return profile of investment assets and portfolios.

ESG Due Diligence and Implementation into Investment Process

Barwon has an ESG Committee that is responsible for overseeing environmental, social and governance issues that are relevant across all of Barwon’s investments and business operations and supports each business in its efforts to become a leader in the consideration of ESG factors when managing alternative investment strategies.

The Barwon ESG Committee meets quarterly and reviews the ESG policies of each investment team, including Barwon’s healthcare property, property finance and global investment strategies. Each investment strategy has its own investment processes and policies to integrate ESG considerations when managing assets and portfolios.

Barwon seeks to adopt a pragmatic and research-focused approach to ESG policy implementation and investment due-diligence by taking into account the potential risks and opportunities relating to ESG factors and responsible investment principles.

Responsible Investing Governance

Barwon’s governance framework and commitment to responsible investment and ESG principles is predicated on our duty to act in our clients’ best interests at all times and in compliance with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

Barwon’s ESG Committee reports to the Board of Directors on the identification of ESG opportunities and risks, the implementation of ESG initiatives and the performance of such initiatives. Furthermore, the ESG Committee is charged with promoting, monitoring and assisting investment team members and other staff to implement ESG initiatives across the business where appropriate.

It is also the responsibility of all Barwon executives to actively identify, explore and implement ESG initiatives, whether these relate to Barwon’s corporate operational activities, its investment decisions or asset management functions.

Reporting and Transparency

Barwon is committed to ongoing transparency in reporting and stakeholder engagement. Barwon’s reporting commitments to clients typically involve the release of monthly or quarterly reports, in addition to regular fund update presentations and meetings. ESG initiatives and the outcomes of such initiatives are reported to clients in these publications.

Modern Slavery

Modern slavery and a company’s management of their workers and suppliers is becoming increasingly important in our analysis and allocation of investment capital.

Barwon is not obliged by the Modern Slavery Act to issue a formal statement, however we have chosen to implement a modern slavery policy and we work closely with our clients to assist with their modern slavery reporting obligations.

Our full Modern Slavery Statement is available on request.