Fund Overview

The Barwon Global High Income Fund (Fund) provides exposure to an actively managed portfolio of publicly traded private debt funds listed on major exchanges.

The Fund’s core investments are private debt funds that make senior secured, hold-to-maturity loans to middle-market businesses and loans backed by stable commercial and transitional properties.

The objective of the Fund is to generate a high level of current income (8% p.a.) with the potential for long-term capital appreciation (1-2% p.a.).


Barwon Global High Income Fund Key Features

  • Diversified Portfolio
    • Actively managed portfolio of 15-20 publicly listed Business Development Companies, Commercial Mortgage REITs and Specialty Closed End Credit Funds
    • Exposure to senior secured loans to US middle-market companies and loans backed by stable commercial properties
    • Diversified source of income: private, hold-to-maturity loans
  • High Yield
    • High current income: target 8.0% p.a.
    • Quarterly Fund distributions
  • Liquidity
    • Portfolio investments listed on global stock exchanges with high liquidity
    • Fund offers monthly liquidity
    • Immediate investment, no J-curve
  • Attractive Risk/Return Profile
    • Return premiums from holding portfolios of direct and private loans
    • Historical loss rates among middle-market loans have been lower than high-yield bonds and broadly syndicated loans

Fund Facts

Fund Type Open-ended Australian-domiciled unit trust
Inception 28 February 2014
Investors Wholesale clients as defined under Section 761G of the Corporations Act
Investments Portfolio of 15-25 publicly traded private debt funds listed on major exchanges
Borrowing The Fund will not borrow
Currency Two AUD denominated unit classes available:

  • Barwon Global High Income Fund – FX Unhedged
  • Barwon Global High Income Fund II – FX substantially hedged
Unit Pricing Monthly
Applications & Withdrawals Monthly
Distributions Quarterly in respect of the March, June, September and December quarters
Management Fee 0.65% plus GST, net of RITCs
Performance Fee No performance fee
Benchmark The Fund is not managed with reference to a benchmark
Geography Global stocks

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